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I found a lack of good programmer-related comics that matched my sense of humour. So, deciding to be proactive, I went out of my way to create one more web comic about programming. Paired with that revolutionary project idea, I chose to draw the strips myself instead of partnering with someone who actually has talent; I really like stick figures with curved backs. Thus, CC was born! Wow, what a story.
My name is Michael Bassili, and I’m a programmer. I’m a Python developer, by trade. A lot of my professional experience came from automating website testing using Selenium (and the company’s custom Python framework designed specifically for automated testing). In my spare time, I do a lot of things. I actually started maintaining a list of my side projects on my website because I couldn’t manage them all in my head. You can also find more juicy personal information on my website, so maybe check it out.
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